Sarah, New Edition: Ellie's People, Book 7

  • ISBN-13: 9780836190199
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Sarah Troyer s Amish childhood would be peaceful and calm except her mother is ill and their hired girl, Sadie Zook, treats Sarah unfairly. When her parents go to Arizona to see whether the climate helps her mother get better, Sarah tries to be brave and strong. Things begin looking up when a new hired girl takes Sadie s place, but then two tragedies hit Sarah s family and threaten to overwhelm her trust in God. Will grief and resentment win the day, or will Sarah find her way to a new place of hope and love? Book 7 in the Ellie s People series.Read the Amish novels that Amish people read. The nine books of the Ellie s People series, beloved classics among young and old readers in Amish and Mennonite communities, are now available for today s reader. The books bring authentic Amish stories to life for readers interested in Amish fiction while also learning about Amish life.

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