Schnellboot in Action - Warships No. 18

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"Schnellboot In Action,0,0,60,60_.jpg 58 Squadron/Signal Publications English 0897474570 9780897474573 6.4 ounces First Edition edition Books>Engineering & Transportation>Engineering>Military Technology 0897476875 B-52G/H Stratofortress in Action Kenneth P. Katz Paperback 12.040000000000001 Used More than any other weapon system, the legendary Boeing B-52 Stratofortress is the embodiment of American military power in the popular imagination. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the B-52 has been its longevity. The B-52 first flew in 1952 and entered operational service with the U.S. Air Force in 1955. Boeing delivered the last B-52 in 1962. Five decades later, the B-52 remains in front-line service, most recently taking part in combat over Afghanistan and Iraq. Even more amazingly, current plans are for the B-52 to remain in service until 2040. This volume is packed with historical and recent photographs of the B-52, including some that were released by the U.S. Air Force and its contractors just for use in the book. As part of his research, the author flew on a B-52 training mission, and the flight report in this volume is the most detailed description of a B-52 mission ever published. Illustrated with color profiles, detailed line drawings, and over 190 photographs. 88 pages,0,0,60,60_.jpg;,0,0,60,60_.jpg 88 Squadron/Signal Publications 2012-06-01 English 0897476875 9780897476874 0.2 x 8.2 x 11 inches 10.4 ounces Books>Politics & Social Sciences>Social Sciences>Disaster Relief 0897477421 U.S. ECM Aircraft In Action Ken Neubeck Paperback 16.630000000000003 Used The purpose of electronic countermeasures (ECM) is to jam, spoof, trick, or otherwise fool an enemy about the location or capabilities of armed combat units. Although the US employs ECM on the land, air, and sea, modern military aircraft are the primary platform in the ECM battle because they can scan a larger patch of earth. This book briefly explains the history and development of various ECM techniques with particular emphasis on US Navy, Air Force, and Marine aircraft that have taken electronic countermeasures into battle from the 1950s through present. Specific aircraft included are ECM variants from the 1950s, Vietnam, the Cold War, Operation Desert Storm, Operation Deliberate Force (Yugoslavia), and modern aircraft including the Navy’s EA-18 Growler, which is capable of jamming frequencies and eliminating surface-to-air radar sites at Mach 1.8.,0,0,60,60_.jpg 80 MMD-Squadron Signal 2017-01-16 English 0897477421 9780897477420 11 x 0.2 x 8.5 inches 12.6 ounces Books>History>Military>Aviation 0897500113 Hapkido: Korean Art of Self-Defense (Korean Arts Series) Bong Soo Han Paperback 8.98 Used Here is the first complete book in English on hapkido, the kick-oriented Korean martial art. Included are warm-up exercises, basic fighting position, punching and striking, blocks and kicks, and hapkido defenses, with more than 500 dynamic photographs.,0,0,60,60_.jpg 192 Black Belt Communications 1974-09-01 English 0897500113 9780897500111 6 x 0.4 x 9 inches 8.3 ounces Large Print Edition edition Books>Sports & Outdoors>Individual Sports>Martial Arts 0897500199 BO: Karate Weapon of Self-Defense Fumio Demura Paperback 9.22 Used Fumio Demura covers stances, striking, blocking, combinations, sparring, and an entire bo kata.,0,0,60,60_.jpg;,0,0,60,60_.jpg 184 Black Belt Communications 1976-05-01 English 0897500199 9780897500197 6 x 0.4 x 9 inches 10.4 ounces 1st edition Books>Sports & Outdoors>Individual Sports>Martial Arts 0897500210 Advanced Nunchaku Fumio Demura Paperback 5.95 Used Written by Fumio Demura, one of the world's leading authorities on Japanese weapons, this guide to advanced nunchaku covers variations of twirling and swinging, with two separate training kata.,0,0,60,60_.jpg 160 Black Belt Communications 1976-09-01 English 0897500210 9780897500210 6 x 0.3 x 9 inches 12.6 ounces Books>Sports & Outdoors>Individual Sports>Martial Arts 0897500377 Wing Chun Kung-Fu J. Yimm Lee Paperback 7.14 Used Edited by Bruce Lee and featuring jeet kune do legend Ted Wong, this book introduces the reader to the sil lim tao form, the immovable-elbow and centerline theories, chi sao (sticky hands), trapping, and much more. Wing Chun Kung-Fu continues to set the standard for martial arts instructional books, and it has become the perennial study guide for kung fu enthusiasts of all skill levels.,0,0,60,60_.jpg;,0,0,60,60_.jpg;,0,0,60,60_.jpg 224 Ohara Publications English 9780897500371 9780897500371 6 x 0.7 x 9 inches 10.6 ounces 1st edition Books>Sports & Outdoors>Individual Sports>Martial Arts 0897500415 The Weaponless Warriors: An Informal History of Okinawan Karate Richard Kim Paperback 12.0 Used Here is a rare book—an informal history of Okinawan karate and its growth, told through vignettes about its most famous practitioners. This rare chronicle is one of the most thoroughly researched histories on Okinawan karate, with rare photographs of the earliest pioneers of naha-te, the empty-hand style of self-defense. An essential addition to any martial artist’s library. Kim, a judo and karate black belt, has studied shorinji-ryu kenpo and is an expert on karate history.,0,0,60,60_.jpg 112 Black Belt Communications 1974-12-01 English 0897500415 9780897500418 6 x 0.3 x 9 inches 5.6 ounces Eighteenth Printing 1994 edition Books>Sports & Outdoors>Individual Sports>Martial Arts 089750044X Tai Chi Chuan: The Philosophy of Yin and Yang and Its Application Douglas Lee Paperback 5.48 Used A tai chi chuan practitioner for over 20 years, Lee covers the history and philosophy of the art, general principles of movement, the solo exercises, push-hands sparring, applications, tai chi weapons and more. Fully illustrated.,0,0,60,60_.jpg 160 Ohara Publications 1976-04-01 English 089750044X 9780897500449 6 x 0.4 x 9 inches 7.5 ounces Books>Health, Fitness & Dieting>Exercise & Fitness>Tai Chi & Qi Gong 0897500504 Bruce Lee's Fighting Method, Vol. 1 Bruce Lee Paperback 5.71 Used Long before mixed martial arts became a worldwide phenomenon and Ultimate Fighting became a household name, Bruce Lee created jeet kune do, a realistic combat hybrid that incorporated the most useful elements of kung fu, boxing, and fencing. Here the legendary fighter demonstrates the most effective methods for retaliating against surprise attacks, grabs, chokes, multiple attackers, and armed assailants. Because Lee believed that the best defence is the most simple and effective, his no-nonsense counters include eye gouges, groin kicks, head stomps, and other techniques that aren't taught in most studios.This first volume in Bruce Lee's Fighting Method" contains detailed illustrations and vintage photos capturing Lee in his prime. The essential series, compiled and organized by his close friend, Mito Uyehara, is the perfect companion to Bruce Lee's classic text, "Tao of Jeet Kune Do". "The Bruce Lee's Fighting Method" series is an integral part of the Bruce Lee canon and a necessary addition for collectors and martial arts enthusiasts alike.

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