Secrets of the Best-Run Practices, 2nd Edition

  • ISBN-13: 9780981473888
  • $176.82

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The Second Edition of this runaway best-seller includes four new chapters covering technology in practice, economics and changing issues in practice management. Bonus for the 2nd edition...46 forms to customize for your own office. Ready-to-Use Guidance from Medical Business Guru Judy Capko. In plain-English, Judy Capko, a noted practice management expert maps out the smart but ingeniously simple tactics that the most successful medical practices and ambulatory care centers are using to thrive despite tough economics, tight reimbursement, and practice management issues such as changes in workforce demographics and the prospect of upcoming health care reform. From consulting engagements with hundreds of medical practices, Capko shares best of the best ideas plus ready-to-use tools. Whether you have a practice that is growing so fast you are losing control ... or a practice that is struggling with patients and profitability, Secrets shows you proven tactics for improving practice revenues and patient satisfaction, managing the phones, streamlining workflow, and hiring and retaining dedicated staff. Readers are using these real-life secrets to create a smoother, more profitable practice where staff wants to work and patients want to come! Selected Table of Contents Mission Possible: how defining your mission sets your practice up for success. The Perfect Receptionist Gets Wired: how to use technology to enhance efficiency and make patients feel special. Conquering Workflow Problems: how to eliminate bottlenecks at the front office before they create unpredictable, unmanageable workflow. The Amazingly Productive Doctor: how to master clinical flow and make time count so you can outperform peers while enjoying more personal time, too. Mastering the Appointment Schedule: secrets for better service, higher productivity and improved patient compliance. Commonsense Risk Management: how paying just a little more attention to details and patients makes a huge difference in avoiding mishaps, errors and other problems. Shredding the Paper Monster: how a 7-day-a-week pediatric practice smoothly switched over to new practice management and electronic health record systems. The Changing Dynamics of Outpatient Academic Practices: how faculty practices differ from the traditional private community medical practice and how to change your culture successfully. The Power of Revenue Management: how to improve financial results by maximizing charge capture and revenue recovery, including how the patient collections process is changing. Great Employees The Simple Truth: solid, practical advice on obtaining peak performance from every employee. The Money Crunch: how to keep rapid growth from sabotaging success (and if you are about to implode what to do now to recover). Reshaping the Practice A New Genre: case studies of three different types of practices that successfully changed direction. Smart-Sourcing for the Savvy Practice: how to use outsourcing to get the job done better and achieve remarkable ROI. Starting Over Yes You Can! Feel trapped in your current position? Learn how three physicians changed course after years of practicing medicine and traded extremely difficult situations for more satisfying personal and professional lives. The Practice of the Future: how to use technology and innovation to meet emerging practice management issues and meet the changing expectations of your patients, staff and community.

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