Seven Stories of Christmas Love

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This holiday classic contains personal stories based on Christmas memories. Five of the stories appeared originally in Woman's Day magazine, which initiated a tradition of printing an annual Buscaglia Christmas story during most of the 1980s. In his warm, humorous way, Dr. Buscaglia shares seven holiday episodes from his life, including his hilarious adventure in producing a school Christmas pageant with second-graders as well as the poignant insights that came from spending Christmas in a hospital, recovering from heart surgery. He tells how each event reinforced his belief in the value of caring and love. Leo also reminds us that Christmas can last more than one day-that the spirit and magic of the season can thrive all the time. Peace, joy, and goodwill are not seasonal; they are life-sustaining, life-enhancing, hopeful words that should be spoken, sung, and practiced all the months of the year. Seven Stories of Christmas Love is Leo's Christmas gift to his friends and admirers. "This book is a Christmas sharing. There are no villains mentioned here, no hard hearts, no skeptics. I have left this for others to write. This short work is for those who have no trouble accepting miracles, who don’t require explanations, who still believe in love, generosity, devotion, goodness, and the wonder of life.” -Leo Buscaglia, PhD, from the Introduction

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