Sociology: Exploring the Architecture of Everyday Life

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The intro textbook that keeps students readingPraised for its writing style that reads like a book you'd pore over at the corner café, this best-selling core text starts in a familiar place―the everyday world―and then introduces sociological concepts and institutions as they impact the student's daily existence. Full of vivid, real-world examples and touching personal vignettes, this text offers a solid introduction to basic sociological concepts and helps students realize their role in constructing, planning, maintaining, and fixing society.New and Proven FeaturesRevised discussions of race relations and racial inequality integrate the Obama election and presidency.The current economic recession is highlighted in discussions of the economy, particularly in Chapter 10.Micro-Macro Connections help students better understand the link between individual lives and the structure of society.Revised examples from American subcultures draw students into content relevant to their lives.Cross-cultural examples and discussions of globalization show students how their lives are affected by our increasingly global society.All statistical information has been updated.

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