Solid Objectives: Order, Edge, Aura

Solid Objectives: Order, Edge, Aura

  • ISBN-10: 9783037785010
  • Author: ["Florian Idenburg", "Jing Liu", "Ilias Papageorgiou"]
  • Publisher: Lars Müller
  • Publication date: 2017-07-15
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 484
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This book introduces an attitude towards the design and realization of architecture in a time of increased instability. It is illustrated with rarely seen images and punctuated with essays on the work of the firm SO–IL. Rather than a catalog of works, the book is a visual and textual manifesto towards progressive practice in an interconnected and global environment. As a collection of built and unbuilt projects, texts, processes, and experiments, it embodies an intellectual and artistic attitude that has gained this young office attention. Taking the form of a radical monograph, the book curates the firm’s content based on conceptual themes, allowing the reader to have a generous, multi-dimensional and immersive experience, similar to how one would experience SO–IL’s architecture.

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