Song of Creation

  • ISBN-13: 9780801011986
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Just one glimpse of the exquisite paintings in this volume will draw readers into the wonders of the natural world. The meticulously detailed paintings of Carl Brenders, one of the world's most sought-after nature painters, combine with classic Christian poetry and quotations from Scripture and church leaders to form a rich source of inspiration for readers of all ages. These thirty-six wildlife illustrations are so realistically rendered they appear to be photographs. Brenders paints in the artistic tradition of John James Audubon and stands as equal beside such distinguished contemporaries as Roger Tory Peterson. The accompanying poems and quotations, taken from Christian writers throughout the ages, remind readers of God's purpose and order. This lovely book is the perfect gift for young and old, for those who love art and those who love nature. It is a masterful celebration of God's handiwork that brings into focus the beautiful world in which he has placed us.

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