Studies in World History Volume 2 (Student)

  • ISBN-13: 9780890517857
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A complete year of junior high history that examines the world through the clash of cultures. Europe and the Renaissance, the Reformation, revolutions, and more! With this volume in hand, the student will see history come to life no matter what their pace or ability. This is a comprehensive examination of history, geography, religion, economics, and government systems. This educational program equips students to learn from a starting point of God’s creation of the world and move forward with a solid biblically-based worldview. This course has been developed in the following manner to make it easier for independent study: Chapters: This course has 34 chapters that represent 34 weeks of study. Lessons: Each chapter has five lessons , taking approximately 20 to 30 minutes each. There will be a short reading followed by discussion questions. Some questions require a specific answer from the text, while others are more open-ended, leading students to think “outside the box.” Weekly exams: The Teacher Guide available for this course includes two optional exams for each chapter, along with answers to the exams and discussion questions. Throughout this student text are the following components: First thoughts: Background on the historical period. Discussion questions: Questions based generally on Bloom’s Taxonomy. Concepts: Terms, concepts, and theories to be learned that are bolded for emphasis. Most are listed on the first page of the chapter and in the glossary. History makers: A person(s) who clearly changed the course of history. Historical debate: An examination of historical theories surrounding a period of topic.

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