Tales from Brookgreen: Gardens, Folklore, Ghost Stories, and Gullah Folktales in the South Carolina Lowcountry

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History, Mystery, and Romance in the Carolina Lowcountry!   ~ A haunted necklace . . .   ~ A trickster rabbit . . .   ~ An ingenious slave . . .   ~ A shrieking droll . . .   ~ A fiancé returned from the dead . . .        . . . all come to life in Lynn Michelsohn's charming collection of ghost stories and folklore.Each of these enchanting folktales is tied to specific locations and events from the four historic rice plantations that make up Brookgreen Gardens--South Carolina's popular tourist attraction near Myrtle Beach. Many of these tales come out of the rich Gullah culture that once flourished along the South Carolina and Georgia coasts. Enrich your enjoyment of the Carolina Lowcountry whether you are a tourist, an armchair traveler, or a devotee of ghost stories and folklore.Please note: In addition to other tales, this book contains all the stories from Lynn Michelsohn's shorter collections, Lowcountry Ghosts, Gullah Ghosts, and Crab Boy's Ghost. The Series:  Brookgreen Gardens storytellers share history and folklore from Murrell Inlet's popular tourist attraction near Myrtle Beach in Lynn Michelsohn's series, Tales from Brookgreen--Folklore, Ghost Stories, and Gullah Folktales of the South Carolina Lowcountry.  The Storytellers:  Two "sixty-ish" Southern ladies serving as Hostesses at Brookgreen Gardens told these stories of the South Carolina Lowcountry to visitors during the middle of the Twentieth Century. Now, Lynn Michelsohn recounts them to a wider audience.  The Setting:  Brookgreen Gardens, a sculpture garden and wildlife preserve created in the 1930s by Archer and Anna Hyatt Huntington from four historic Lowcountry rice plantations rich with folklore, displays American sculpture along shaded pathways winding through ancient live oaks draped with trailing Spanish moss.  Find more Lowcountry tales in . . .  ~ Short collections from Lynn Michelsohn's second series, More Tales from Brookgreen:  Lowcounry Hurricanes--tales of joy, tragedy, and survival.   Lowcountry Confederates--Rebels, Yankees, and historic South Carolina rice plantations * * * Amazon reviewers praise Lynn Michelsohn's Lowcountry series, Tales from Brookgreen * * *  "the perfect mix of history and folklore told in a lovely style" "a vivid picture of the area and the people"  "a must read for history buffs, folklore lovers and those that just love to hear old stories" "each of the stories are extremely well-written and make you feel like you're sitting there ... listening to the women speak their tales" "the reader experiences the chapters as oral storytelling told in the voices of the women who passed the stories along"  "beautifully written stories by an author obviously familiar with the charm that is the Old South"  "I heartily recommend it to everybody!"    

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