The ABCs of Cello for the Absolute Beginner (Book 1)

  • ISBN-10: 9780825871269
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Janice Tucker Rhoda's phenomenally successful series, The ABCs of Cello, owes much of its success to the wonderful original material and to the sensitive arrangements of classical, folk, fiddle and other popular melodies. After many years of teaching children and adults the author has developed a simple and enjoyable approach for studying the Cello. The ABCs of Cello for the Absolute Beginner, Book 1 contains 29 Melodies, Finger Graphs, Warm-ups, Scales, Easy Duets, a worksheet for note-recognition, a glossary of music terms and symbols (page 41) and practice chart. *After purchasing the ABCs of Cello for the Absolute Beginner, Book 1, you will be able to download MP3s of the performances and a PDF file of the piano accompaniments.The "Download Code" with complete directions is on the inside flap of the front cover. Simply enter the code at*Download all 58 performance tracks. 29 tracks of Cello solos with Piano accompaniments, and 29 tracks of Piano accompaniments by themselves.*Cellist Rob Bethel plays The ABCs of Cello Book 1 MP3s with passion, sensitivity and gusto. Pianist Artem Belogurov is known for his verve, wit, and delicatesse.*Companion Book:Complete Technique for Cello, Book 1 by Janice Tucker Rhoda contains studies and exercises for the advanced beginner to upper level student.

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