The Book of Our Heritage

  • ISBN-13: 9780873067638
  • Author: Eliyahu Kitov
  • Publisher: Philipp Feldheim
  • Publication date: 1979-01-01
  • Edition: Expanded
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 1126
  • $44.83
  • Save $35

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The recurring cycle of the Jewish year provides a spectacular view into the length and breadth of the ongoing Jewish experience. Each and every month is unique. Every month has its own stories to tell, events to commemorate, and life lessons to impart. What emerges is a vast and wondrous tapestry of Jewish life and lore. And there is no text that better chronicles the cycle of the Jewish year than the classic, ever-popular Book of Our Heritage. This panoramic three-volume set takes readers on a magnificent journey through the Jewish year delving into all the major and minor festivals, feast days and fast days, their profound meaning and significance, along with customs and practices. The author draws upon a wealth of traditional resources and timeless wisdom to provide lessons and insights of everlasting value. Beautifully crafted and easy to read, this remarkable 3 volume set, as it guides you through each of the 12 months, will add enormously to your understanding and appreciation of all the spiritual and intellectual treasures the Jewish year has to offer. Individual volumes not sold. separately.

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