The Complete Gujarati Cook Book

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Gujaratis have perhaps truly perfected the art of vegetarian cooking! Using a little intergrity, they have succeeded in transforming the simplest ingredients into mouth watering delicacies. Gujarati cuisine is a subtle blend of flavours and textures. All the three main regions of Gujarat have their own unique culinary styles. A Guajarati meal served in a thali is an experience by itself. Beginning with cumin spiked buttermilk, followed by fluffy rotis, accompanied by a variety of lentils (kathols), vegetables, curds, pickles, mithais and farsans finished with rice or khichdi. Apart from pampering the palate, it is also a well balanced meal. Most Guajarati recipes were traditionally handed down from mother to daughter and a very few attempts were made to document them. In the process much has been lost . at the same time as a result of improvisations made by each generation to suit their changing tastes and also to adopt to their lifestyles, there have also been many gains. This book is an attempt to document the classic recipes so that it can help both the inexperienced beginner as well as the connoisseur.

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