The Crusades: A Reader (Readings in Medieval Civilizations and Cultures, Vol. VIII)

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The crusades have always been a source of fascination and debate. With current world events, that interest has only grown as people try to understand the sources of conflict between the Middle East and Europe, and between Islamic and Christian peoples. This beautiful addition to the Readings in Medieval Civilizations and Cultures series brings together an unprecedented range of primary source texts on the topic from the medieval era. Of special note are the non-Christian materials—Muslim and Jewish sources—included along with standard European Christian texts. Also included are Greek sources, materials on Latin crusader states, and a chapter on Spain. Ideological, economic, social, and cultural issues are covered along with the more standard military and political concerns. Comments: "This collection of translated sources is one of the most comprehensive yet assembled. It covers the centuries from the late eleventh to the early sixteenth and includes texts illustrating actions in theatres-of-war which are often ignored such as Spain, the Baltic region and the interior of western Europe. It is to be recommended as a very congenial and informative introduction to a large, complex and historically important subject." - Jonathan Riley-Smith, Emmanuel College, University of Cambridge "The most extensive collection of translated sources for the crusades available today. The editors have brought together a wealth of material from Muslim and Christian sources dealing with a wide array of subjects. The editors’ approach to the crusades is expansive, beginning with early ideas of holy war and extending to the waning of the movement and its effect on the subsequent age of discovery." - Thomas F. Madden, Saint Louis University S.J. Allen writes on the ecclesiastical history of early medieval Europe. Emilie Amt, Hildegarde Pilgram Professor of History at Hood College, writes on medieval subjects. Her books include Broadview’s Medieval England, 1000-1500: A Reader and Women’s Lives in Medieval Europe (Routledge, 1993).

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