The Cultural Church: Winds of Change and the Call for a New Hermeneutic

  • ISBN-13: 9780890981313
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In what direction are we being blown by the winds of change now waiting through the church? - Is the church influencing culture, or is culture influencing the church? - What lies behind current calls for a "new hermeneutic"? - Is there a better way to understand Scripture? With calls for sweeping changes in the way we understand Scripture, this just may be the most important book of the decade. It is must reading for every church leader and Christian concerned with the future of the church at the brink of a new century! F. LaGard Smith is the author of some thirty books, ranging from devotionals to doctrinal discussions to commentaries on current legal and social issues. He is best known as the compiler and narrator of The Daily Bible, the NIV in chronological order. Smith has taught in both graduate and undergraduate university programs for over thirty years.

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