The Dance Dragon

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After a lifetime of avoiding dance at weddings and social gatherings, Dan Logan finds himself trapped. His daughter, a ballet aficionado, was getting married. A father-daughter dance was inevitable. He confronts his fear of dance and finds the courage to walk in a ballroom dance studio, meets Melissa the instructor, and his life changes. At the wedding, Dan discovers there are moments when he enjoys dancing and he decides he must face the dance dragon and make a serious effort to learn. His journey takes him into a world of dance studios and clubs, where he dances with hundreds of women, travels to rural Cuba and eventually Washington D.C for a competitive performance for his final confrontation with the dragon. Author Bio: The Dance Dragon is Dan Logan’s first novel. He grew up in Boston, graduated with a major in American history from the University of Notre Dame, spent three years in the U.S Military and received an M.B.A. in marketing research from New York University After 12 years working at a large global advertising firm in New York at the end of the Mad Men era, Dan moved back to Boston and started his own advertising and communication firm. Dan and his wife Eileen live on the Boston waterfront.  Key words: Dance, Ballroom, Wedding, Tango, Dragon, Cuba, Learning, Hemingway, Rhythm, Havana

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