The Dune Encyclopedia: The Complete, Authorized Guide and Companion to Frank Herbert's Masterpiece of the Imagination

  • ISBN-13: 9780425068137
  • $149.99

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From the dust jacket: Compiled by Dr. Willis E. McNelly At last. The complete, authorized guide and companion to Frank Herbert's monumental Dune Chronicles. Eight years in the making, filled with original, never-before-published material, THE DUNE ENCYCLOPEDIA reveals all the mystery, savagery and wonder of a remarkable world in panoramic detail. How did Muad'Dib get his name. What are the three ranks of adepts within the Order of Mentats. Who are the Fish Speakers, and what is their link to Duncan Idaho. How does a stillsuit work. What are the hidden origins of the Spacing Guild. Where did the techniques for spice-trance navigation develop. Just a hint of the information contained within the pages of this unique encyclopedia - along with the poetry from the Imperium, Fremen lore, legends, even illustrations of Sardaukar Medals, the Giant Sandworm of Arrakis and more. As Frank Herberts says in his introductory note to this intensively researched, meticulously cross-referenced volume: Here is a rich background (and foreground) for the Dune Chronicles, including scholarly bypaths and amusing sidelights. Some of the contributions are sure to arouse controversy. ... Others round out long speculation. Specialists have had their field day with problems geological, biological, astronomical, and mystical. ... The result: an enthralling, enlightening volume no DUNE reader will want to be without.

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