The Mandolin Project: A Workshop Guide to Building Mandolins

  • ISBN-13: 9780980476200
  • $31.49

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Suited for first-time builders with limited woodworking skills as well as those looking for a challenge, this workshop manual features four mandolin projects that range from a simple flat top and back model to the more complex, fully carved “A” style mandolin. The accompanying narrative offers step-by-step instruction in a relaxed, conversational style that not only explains what and how something should be done but also why it’s executed in that particular manner. A set of full-size, detailed plans pairs with photographs, diagrams, and illustrations to round out the instruction materials. The manual's informative introductory section featuring a comprehensive history of the mandolin, construction techniques through the ages, and color illustrations of rare instruments—some of which have never been previously published—enhances the appreciation of this ancient string instrument.

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