The Nursing Assistant's Handbook

  • ISBN-13: 9781888343915
  • $86.34

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The 2nd edition of our best-selling title, The Nursing Assistant's Handbook is now available. This brief new textbook to train nursing assistants teaches all state, federal, and safety requirements. It is beautifully illustrated and clearly photographed with color tabs for easy location of material. Organized around learning objectives, it contains rationales for procedural steps and an emphasis on resident's rights and passing the certification exam. Table of Contents 1 Long-Term Care and the Nursing Assistant's Role 2 Foundations of Resident Care 3 Understanding Your Residents 4 Body Systems 5 Personal Care Skills 6 Basic Nursing Skills 7 Nutrition and Hydration 8 Common,Chronic,and Acute Conditions 9 Rehabilitation and Restorative Services 10 Caring for Yourself

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