The Pilgrim's Progress

  • ISBN-13: 9780842351454
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1992 Gold Medallion Award winner! For over 300 years Christians have found life within the pages of The Pilgrim's Progress. This edition by Cheryl Ford provides a fresh, modern rendering as biblical truths are weaved into a simple yet profound story that reveals the treacheries of the human heart and the power of conquering faith. Many modern translations of this Christian classic leave out significant parts or add passages not included in John Bunyan's original. But this translation is different. First, in contemporary English it faithfully presents the complete text (including the pilgrimages of Christian and Christiana). Second, more than 150 one-color calligraphy pieces by Timothy R. Botts enhance this beloved story. Additional features include comprehensive Scripture cross-references and an index to all the people, places, and spiritual symbols. Questions for group discussion and personal application strengthen the impact of this timeless story of Christian life.

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