The Salt Covenant

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The original Salt Covenant by H. Clay Trumbull... Salt symbolizes blood and life, the supreme gift from a Supreme Giver. The Covenant of Salt, as a form of the Blood Covenant, is a covenant that is fixed, permanent and unchangeable, thus enduring forever. Why did God give the kingdom to David and his sons forever by a covenant of salt? Why is salt sometimes substituted for blood in making covenant? Was the destruction of Sodom a result of disregard for the covenant of salt? Why did Lot’s wife become a pillar of salt? Why does Jesus refer to His followers as “the salt of the earth?” Why is Judas represented in Da Vinci’s painting of the Last Supper as having overturned a salt cellar? Also included by H. Clay Trumbull: The Ten Commandments as a Covenant of Love.

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