The Seven Secrets of Successful Coaches

  • ISBN-13: 9781892882028
  • $35.81

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Learn how to get the absolute most out the people you lead using the success secrets of many of sport’s most successful and respected coaches including Mike Krzyzewski (Duke Men’s Basketball), Pat Summitt (Tennessee Women’s Basketball), Mike Candrea (Arizona Softball), Marty Schottenheimer (San Diego Chargers), Mary Wise (Florida Volleyball) Jerry Yeagley (Indiana Soccer), Mike Gillespie (USC Baseball), Leroy Walker (USA Track and Field), and numerous others. The book shows coaches and leaders of all kinds (managers, teachers) how to unlock and unleash your team’s full potential. Learn how to build confidence and commitment, motivate and inspire your team, handle difficult discipline issues, earn your team’s respect, and leave a lasting legacy as a leader. This practical, information-packed book will help you create a confident, committed, and coachable team.

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