The War That Never Was

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Set in the year 2000 as a retrospective look at the Cold War gone hot in the last years of the 1980's , The War That Never Was is an insightful, fast paced assessment of the two superblocs colliding at the peak of their Cold War strength.The story, told by the fictional Russian naval officer Yuri Sinsukin, runs from beneath the frigid waters of the Norwegian Sea to the sunny shores of the southern Mediterranean, from the deep Pacific waters off the coast of Japan to the airfields around Cam Ranh Bay, and from isolated Diego Garcia to the edges of the Red Sea. It involves every class of ship, submarine, aircraft, and fighting unit from the navies, armies, and air forces of the world.Palmer demonstrates tremendous vision as he creates global war in intimate and exciting detail. In addition, Palmer looks at the war that was -- the Cold War, and through the vehicle of the The War That Never Was provides a logical and comprehensive explanation for the seemingly sudden collapse of the Soviet Empire. With solid historical background and complete with maps, The War That Never Was presents a grim yet fascinating look at a future that never happened.

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