The Weather Identification Handbook: The Ultimate Guide for Weather Watchers

  • ISBN-13: 9781585748570
  • $50.78

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What does it mean when there is a corona around the moon? How do you tell the difference between stratocumulus and nimbostratus clouds? THE WEATHER IDENTIFICATION HANDBOOK is an essential guide to the many different types of phenomena that may be observed, and also gives brief details of the weather that may be expected. The following topics are covered in a reader-friendly format:Ø Cloud classificationØ How to identify different cloud types and how they relate to forthcoming weatherØ How clouds are formedØ Optical phenomenaØ PrecipitationØ WindØ Severe weatherØ Weather systemsØ Satellite images and weather maps Full of beautiful color photographs and diagrams, THE WEATHER IDENTIFICATION HANDBOOK is essential for the outdoor photographer, adventurer, or meteorological enthusiast. It is also perfect for any parent whose child asks the proverbial question, "Why is the sky blue?"

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