Tournament Poker And The Art Of War

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If you know the enemy and you know yourself, your victory will not stand in doubt. -Sun-Tzu The Art of War, the classic book on warfare by Chinese general Sun-Tzu, has served as an inspiration to kings and warriors for more than two thousand years. In modern times, business executives and athletes have used its wisdom to gain the upper hand over competitors. Now, author and avid poker player David Apostolico reveals The Art of War's uncanny application to the game of poker and, particularly, to poker tournaments. He extracts key passages and principles that will show you how to play like a fearless general-attacking your opponents' weaknesses, hiding your own strengths, and knowing when and how to move in for the kill. Winning poker tournaments requires far more than mastery of basic poker strategy. Tournament players must balance two goals-chip accumulation and survival. In no-limit tournaments, players can attack with their entire stack at any time. The rewards can be huge, but one mistake may mean elimination. As in warfare, organization and discipline are the most important attributes in successful tournament play. Apostolico shows you how to hone those skills and apply the other key principles that lie at the heart of Sun-Tzu's philosophy. You'll learn how to: Weaken your opponent before engaging himForce your opponent to do things he does not wish to doAchieve your aims by indirect and unexpected means Evaluate the pros and cons of every course of actionTake advantage of changing circumstancesStrike with maximum strength against your opponent's weakest pointsAnd much more. Whether you're a casual player eager to enter your first tournament, or a seasoned pro looking to enhance your game, Tournament Poker and The Art of War is a pivotal step on your road to victory. David Apostolico plays in dozens of poker tournaments each year. He has won tournaments both online and in Atlantic City. His next book is Machiavellian Poker Strategy.

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