Understanding Interceptions: A Key to Unlocking the Door

  • ISBN-13: 9780866905039
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The principles contained in this book will greatly enlarge your understanding of chart dynamics. There is more to the interpretation of interceptions that often realized and more of the chart is affected than often considered. The book will undoubtedly change the way you consider interceptions. The approach taken in this book is from a constructive, positive viewpoint. Interceptions create intensification due to internalization, which is useful in providing inner preparation and focus. If we understand our life's mission, we can utilize our resources more successfully and celebrate our individuality, rather than feeling unfortunate. Everything contained within our chart is designed for a useful purpose. If we try to understand who we are and grow into what we can do, it is less stressful that striving to become someone we are not. The stories in this book of actual case histories will warm your heart and provide insight into this important chart dynamic. Dozens of chart examples of students, clients, entertainers and other public figures are used to support the concepts presented in this book.

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