Visual Encyclopedia of Small Arms

  • ISBN-13: 9781907446986
  • Author: Martin J. Dougherty
  • Publisher: Amber Books
  • Publication date: 2013-04-19
  • Edition: Reprint
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 450
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  • Save $25

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From the very first handguns of the fifteenth century to modern machine guns and rifles, Small Arms Visual Encyclopedia is a highly illustrated volume that examines all the significant small arms of the world, featuring more than 1000 of the world’s handguns, assault rifles, shotguns, machine guns, and other more esoteric weapons. All the famous weapons of each type are featured, such as the M-16, Colt .44 Magnum and MG42. Each featured small arm is illustrated with an excellent full-color artwork, showing the weapon in great detail with full specifications tables that list country of origin, weights, dimensions and caliber (with all weights and measures provided in both metric and imperial). With more than 1000 outstanding color artworks, Small Arms Encyclopedia is a comprehensive and accessible reference work that will appeal to anyone with an interest in small arms.

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