What Is Creation Science?

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In the ongoing Creation vs. Evolution debate, a surprising number of legitimate scientists are embracing the Genesis explanation of origins. The creation/evolution question is not merely a trivial issue that concerns only biologists on the one hand or religious people on the other. This issue permeates every field of academic study and every aspect of life. Everyone is affected and everyone should know the facts. What is Creation Science? presents the scientific evidence for both creation and evolution leaving out any religious or philosophical arguments. Co-authors, Dr. Henry Morris and Dr. Gary Parker, are both former evolutionists whose convictions were changed after thorough study. In this text, Dr. Morris provides a detailed scientific explanation of creation and evolution in the area of physics and cosmology while Dr. Parker reveals the facts in the areas of biology and paleontology. Science is based on observation of facts and is directed at finding patterns of order in the observed data. There is nothing about true science that excludes the study of created objects and order. Evolution cannot be observed or tested in a scientific laboratory any more than creation. Creation Science is a perfectly valid area of scientific study. The Creation Model is as legitimate a scientific model as the Evolution Model. Morris and Parker reveal Creation Science as a much more comprehensive, methodical and logical approach to origins. Reviewers of What is Creation Science? report a complete change of mindset after reading this text. One reader reveals he began the book as a staunch evolutionist and finished the book as a convinced creationist. This book is suitable for all formal classes or group discussions, as well as individual study.

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