When Dragons' Hearts Were Good

  • ISBN-13: 9780890512593
  • $11.57

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Reading Bible stories together as a family is so much fun - we learn about long-ago places and people. But have you ever been confused about the Bible because some people say dinosaurs lived long ago? In this charming book, you’ll see that the secrets of dinosaurs aren’t so secret after all. This full-color classic uses clear biblical teaching to show that the world was once a perfect place before sin ruined everything. Emphasizing God’s love for all His creatures, When Dragons’ Hearts Were Good gives children and parents blessed hope that the Creator will one day restore His creation and teaches how, long ago, dragon’s hearts were really good! Depicts how dragons/dinosaurs lived in the Garden of Eden alongside Adam and Eve Features cute illustrations that children will enjoy Includes free music download of the author reading the story, along with its original music score and the song "When Dragons' Hearts Were Good"

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