Who Was Jesus? Fingerprints of the Christ

  • ISBN-13: 9780979963100
  • Author: ["D.M. Murdock", "Acharya S"]
  • Publisher: Stellar House Publishing, LLC
  • Publication date: 2007-11-28
  • Edition: 0
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 296
  • $26.78

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Was Jesus Christ truly the divine Son of God who walked the earth 2,000 years ago? How can we be sure the gospel story is an accurate and infallibly recorded historical account? When the gospels are examined scientifically, can we truthfully uphold them as "inerrant?" Is it possible to assert honestly and ethically that the Bible is the inspired Word of God? The answers to these questions and many more may surprise and shock you! Is the New Testament a "historical record" or "factual biography" of what really happened, or a tool for the priesthood to lay down doctrines and dogma as they were developed over the centuries?Was Jesus the Jewish Messiah? Was Christ the Savior of the World? Was He a Cynic sage or a political rebel? Or was Jesus Christ something altogether different?Subjects in this fascinating "CSI-style" investigation by controversial independent scholar of religious history D.M. Murdock aka "Acharya S" include:Foreword by Dr. Robert M. PriceThe Gospel According to MatthewThe Nativity of Jesus ChristThe Baptism and Temptation    The Calling of the DisciplesThe Sermon on the MountThe Lord's PrayerHealing of the Sick and Casting out Demons    The Mission of the TwelveWorking on the SabbathJohn the Baptist BeheadedWalking on WaterThe Canaanite WomanPeter the "Rock"The TransfigurationBecoming like ChildrenEunuchs for the Kingdom of HeavenEntry into JerusalemDriving out the MoneychangersCursing the Fig TreeSigns of the Times/Second ComingJesus's Anointment with OilThe Last SupperThe Garden of GethsemaneThe Betrayal by Judas    Christ's TrialThe Passion and CrucifixionThe Resurrection of the Dead    The Empty TombThe Gospel According to MarkWas Mark First?Comparison of Matthew and MarkThe Missing ScripturesThe Gospel According to LukeChronological DiscrepanciesLuke's TenorThe Gospel According to JohnAuthentic or Adulterated?Who Killed Jesus?Textual HarmonizationInspired Originals?Scribal ScalliwagsError-Filled CopiesEyewitness Accounts or Compilations?The Gospel DatesAnonymous and Pseudonymous AuthorsAccording to Whom?"Back in the Day..."The Lukan PrologueIrenaeus, "Father of the Catholic Canon"Church Father and Bishop PapiasJustin MartyrThe Rylands PapyrusLate Dating of the Gospels?Jesus Outside of the BibleTitus Flavius JosephusPliny the YoungerGaius Suetonius TranquillusPublius/Gaius Cornelius TacitusThallus, Phlegon and Mara Bar-Serapion, et al.The TalmudGnostic SourcesExtrabiblical Christian SourcesWho are Elijah and Elisha?Jesus as Fulfillment of ProphecyQuestions about the  Gospel StoryMiracles, Impossibilities and ImplausibilitiesFailed PropheciesContradictions and InconsistenciesErrors in Time and PlaceChronological ProblemsTranslation Errors and Language ProblemsIllogic and IrrationalityJesus's CharacterRepellant Deeds, Sayings and DoctrinesApology Accepted?"It Doesn't Matter?"Four Camera AnglesWhat Jesus Felt or ThoughtHistory or Propaganda?A Uniquely Divine Birth?Salvation is from the Jews?Son of Joseph?Massacre or Myth?Son of God?The Resurrection of Lazarus?    The Naked YouthThe "Twelve"The Sacred MealThe Bloody SweatThe Trial and CrucifixionThe Sun of RighteousnessThe Sacred Spear and The Side-WoundingThe Empty Tomb ReduxThe Ascension into HeavenThe Sayings of Jesus?    ConclusionTerror in the Name of GodVacuous Christianity?This detailed but succinct analysis includes quotes from Christian authorities, apologists and evangelists, as well as New Testament scholars, such as:John AnkerbergCraig L. BlombergF.F. BruceWilliam Lane CraigJohn Dominic CrossanBart EhrmanNorman GeislerGary HabermasJosh McDowellJohn P. MeierBruce M. MetzgerJ.P. MorelandRonald H. NashLee StrobelMerrill C. TenneyBen WitheringtonEdwin YamauchiUsing the Bible itself, as well as the research of these individuals and others, Murdock demonstrates that what you see is not what you get when it comes to Christ and Christianity.

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