With Thine Own Eyes

  • ISBN-13: 9780853985785
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In this wonderfully practical and human book, we are invited to turn our attention towards investigating our spiritual reality. Ronald Tomanio, Diane Iverson and Phyllis Ring describe how that experience is met and encountered and why it is indescribably fulfilling - the very purpose for which we were created. Drawing on a letter of the Universal House of Justice of 19 November 1974 that provides a possible sequence that such an investigation of reality might follow, the authors explore the process - and pitfalls - that we can encounter along the way. Some of the steps identified by the authors that can guide the soul safely along the road of development include: * setting aside blind imitation of the past * learning to build the good rather than fighting evil * choosing acts of service commensurate with our spiritual understanding * listening carefully to our intuitive voice * knowing our purpose * regarding our fears as illusory and * acquiring a sin-covering eye.

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