Xochitl and the Flowers: Xóchitl, la Niña de las Flores

  • ISBN-13: 9780892392247
  • $14.66

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Miles away from their home in El Salvador, Xochitl (SOH-cheel) and her family make a new home in the United States, but nothing is the same. Xochitl mourns a lovely garden and her family s small flower business, all left behind. Selling flowers on the street soon provides more than income for the Flores family: they begin to make friends with local storeowners and neighbors. But it is not until the family decides to start a nursery in its backyard that Xochitl begins to learn the true value of community in their adopted country. Basing his narrative on real-life events, prize-winning poet Jorge Argueta has crafted a tender, poetic, and moving story about a family s determination to set down roots and about their child s blooming among friends and neighbors. Artist Carl Angel s authentic and brilliant artwork splendidly documents this quintessentially American immigration story.

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